Women's Sock of the Month Club fun sock

Women's Sock of the Month Club


Say it with a Sock is a monthly women’s sock subscription. Every month, you or someone you care about, gets super cute pairs of socks in the mail. It’s amazing if you love fun socks, but can’t find a place to buy them that isn’t crazy expensive.


An Amazing Surprise Every Month

Some people are just so hard to get gifts for! You can get them something really cute, but they'll probably never use it. If you get them something practical... it’s just boring. But if you sign them up for a womens sock of the month club, then you get the best of both worlds. Every time the socks come in the mail, they’ll smile and think of you.


A Cute And Hilarious Gift

Say it with a Sock gives you a ton of gift options. Whoever the lucky person is, their socks will come with a card with your personalized message on it. You can choose when you want the socks to get there, and have them get a special gift email too. And remember: they can get a women's sock subscription box from you every month for up to a whole year!


Spectacular Comfort And Durability

Other people’s socks will have holes in them after a few months. Not yours! All Say it With a Sock products are made from premium combed cotton. It feels amazing on your feet, and won’t get teared in the dryer or when they’re on your feet.


You’ll Love Them -- Guaranteed

If for some reason you don’t like the design on the socks, or you don’t like the colors or anything else, we’ll send you a replacement pair. You can also cancel your womens sock subscription at any time.


Get One, And We’ll Donate One
Whenever you join our sock of the month club for women you help the homeless. It’s 2018 -- it’s about time everyone had a comfortable pair of socks. We have a partnership with Lava Mae so we donate socks whenever someone gets a subscription.