Boy's Sock of the Month Club fun sock

Boy's Sock of the Month Club


Say it With A Sock offers a sock subscription for kids. Every month the lucky kids you choose get socks in the mail. They get fresh new pairs of fun socks, you get to be the awesome family member that brings a huge smile to their face every month.


You’ll Be The Only One Getting Them A Gift Every Month

Kids love fun socks! It’s a part of their wardrobe that’s usually boring. More importantly: they get to be special and have something no one else has! When you sign a special kid up for our kids sock club, you’ll get a ton of different gift options. Choose when they will get their first shipment of socks, and send them a card with your personalized message on it.


Different Socks For Boys And Girls

Don’t worry! We know that boys and girls often like completely different things. All of our boy’s socks are designed, made, and shipped completely separately from our girls socks. Our expert design team has made sure to make them either super awesome, or super cute.


Awesome Comfort And Our Happiness Guarantee

Kids are always on the move. Our kids socks are made of  premium combed cotton. It’s super comfortable and is still strong enough to resist kids jumping and running around. Also, if for some reason your kid doesn’t like the design -- we’ll send you a replacement pair. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.


Give Back Too

If you buy your kid a sock subscription that he’ll love, you’ll be giving back too. We have a partnership with Lava Mae. Every time you buy socks, we make sure to donate socks to the homeless.