Men's Sock of the Month Club fun sock

Men's Sock of the Month Club


Say it with a Sock gives you or a loved one a monthly upgrade to your style. It’s perfect if you want cool socks for men, but don’t want to pay ridiculous prices or go shopping all the time.

A Useful And Unexpected Gifts

Few gifts are both practical, and bring a surprised grin to someone’s face when you give it to them. Say it With a Sock’s mens sock of the month club is the gift for anyone who wants to add some flair to their wardrobe. Schedule the date for the first shipment and give it to someone for a special occasion. They’ll get a gift email and gift card, and will keep getting new socks all year long. If you change your mind, cancel at any time.

Make Your Everyday Style Stand Out

Socks are a completely underrated part of your wardrobe. They effortlessly add personality and style to your outfit. Instead of looking like everyone else in the office, our mens sock club helps you instantly seperate yourself from the crowd.

There’s No Better Feeling Than New Socks

Other socks are cheaply manufactured with boring design standards. You find holes in them and after a few months you can’t wear them anymore. With a mens sock subscription box you get the amazing feeling of new socks every single month. Our socks are made of premium combed cotton for maximum comfort and durability, so you can use them regularly without worrying about damage.

You’re Guaranteed To Love It And We’ll Give Back To The Community

Whatever the monthly design on your socks is -- we have a happiness guarantee. If you don’t like the pair you got, you’ll get a replacement one. Also: everyone should have a cozy pair of socks. When you get a mens dress sock subscription we give a mens sock box to the homeless. Our partnership with Lava Mae lets us donate socks to those who need them.