Word on the Feet

Word on the Feet

We wanted to know what conversations were going on in the sock world, so we took to Twitter to see what ya’ll were saying. It appears that many of you have a lot of the same perspectives, observations, and arguments to make, while a few of you have some off-the-cuff, amazing and almost nonsensical remarks. Either way, we’re glad to know that there is so much discussion happening around such an important part of fashion today. So keep on talking and we’ll keep on sharing. Also, be sure to check out our sock of the month club.

Here’s what you had to say as defined by what we’ll call “categories”:

Disappearing Socks


Single Socks

Mismatched Socks

Wet Socks (The Worst Kind)

Insanity + Wet Socks?

Fuzzy Socks

Jacket Socks

High Socks

Flip Flops + Socks