Travel By Socks: The Socks You Need for Your Most Iconic Destinations

Travel By Socks: The Socks You Need for Your Most Iconic Destinations

Whether you're a seasoned world traveler or you plan for this year to be one of your first excursions to an iconic destination, you need the gear that goes along with your trip. You've gathered up your toiletries and chosen your outfits, but there's one item you may not have considered in your wardrobe: your socks! When you're off on a travel adventure, make sure that your socks reflect all the fun that you're going to have as you head out on your way. There's something special about an outfit that speaks to your destination, and coordinating all the way down to your socks is the perfect way to enhance the fun of your trip. 

black and silver for sock club

New York City: Your Black and Silver Sock Sensation

If you're headed into New York City, it's time to break out your favorite black and silver socks--ideally a pair of black socks with shining silver stripes. These iconic socks show more than just style. They're a sophisticated look that will be perfectly in tune with this amazing city. Make sure your black and silver socks are comfortable and that you've got a great pair of walking shoes to go over them as you check out all the sights of this incredible destination. 

zodiac sign socks

Shanghai, China: Showcase Your Zodiac

Are you headed off on an adventure to Shanghai, China? This is the perfect time to show off your zodiac sign. Whether you have a pair of socks that simply reflects the current year (2018 is the Year of the Dog, so there are plenty of cute puppies to choose from!), a pair related to your zodiac sign, or a pair that showcases the stars, why not wear those great socks while you're checking out the sights throughout Shanghai?

America theme for sock of the month club

Washington, DC: Red, White, and Blue

Those great flag socks that you got for the Fourth of July aren't just for holiday wear! When you visit the nation's capitol, you want to be sure that your USA pride is showing with flare. Who knows? You might even get in a few pictures of your flag-clad feet in some of the most iconic national monuments. 

monkies for sock subscription

Lake Tanganyika: See the Monkeys?

At Lake Tanganyika in Africa, you'll find a beautiful lodge with access trails that will allow you to hike each day into the Mahale Mountains, where you'll be able to view the world's largest group of wild chimpanzees. Pull out your favorite monkey or chimp socks to take along with you as you soak in this little piece of nature--or wear your favorite pair of bright yellow socks in celebration of the banana. 

crucifix on a church

Vatican City: Wear Your Crosses

Do you have a great pair of religious socks--perhaps a pair with gorgeous crosses, or maybe a pair that display the ichthys (the fish symbol used by Christians) with pride? When you're headed off to Vatican City, you need to show your religious pride. Sure, you might not be able to get the Pope to take a picture with your socks, but you'll still know that you're displaying your religion as you walk through those hallowed streets. 

Hawaiian shirt pattern for sock club

Hawaii: Shades of Blue

When you head out to visit Hawaii, you're looking for gorgeous white sand beaches and a shimmering blue ocean. While you might spend most of your day barefoot on the beach, a return to your hotel or beach house requires a warm pair of socks in the same shade of blue as the ocean. 

candy hearts sock subscription

Paris: All the Hearts

Not for nothing is Paris called the city of love--and when you visit this iconic city, you want to be sure that you're spreading the love as you go. Wear your favorite pair of heart-bedecked socks as you traverse these streets with that special someone in your life, or wear them to go hunting for love on your own. You never know what might turn up!

bright popsicle for sock of the month club

Marrakech, Morocco: Your Brightest Colors

When you visit Marrakech, one of the first things you'll notice is the brilliant colors. Everywhere you look, you'll find gorgeous examples of color in artwork, weaving, and more. Of course, your socks should fit the theme! Wear a pair of your brightest, most colorful striped socks, then have fun seeing whether or not you can find souvenirs to match!

world socks

Disney World: Princess Perfect

You're headed off to Disney World for a fun-filled holiday surrounded by Mickey, Minnie, and all of your favorite characters. What could be better than taking along a pair of socks to show off the fun you'll have on your trip? Choose a pair of socks that makes you feel like a princess: pretty frills, bows, or ruffles that make you smile every time you pull them on. If you match your socks to your favorite princess's dress, maybe you can snag a picture!

cherry blossoms for sock of the month

Tokyo: Display Your Cherry Blossoms

If you'll be traveling to Tokyo, you'll want to make sure that you wear your cherry blossom socks. These delicate pink flowers only last for around two weeks, during which the Japanese people often have parties and other gatherings with friends and loved ones. Luckily, your cherry blossom-patterned socks will last far longer!

polka dot in sock subscription

Prague: Polka Dot Parties

In Prague, you'll find plenty of opportunities to party along with many tamer pursuits for the less adventurous. Bring along your favorite pair of brightly polka dotted socks--ideally black or white with all the colors of the rainbow--to reflect your desire to have some fun!

yellow door in sock subscription

London: Lovely Yellow Socks

When you're traveling through London, you'll quickly discover that frequent rainfall is part of the package. When you wear your bright yellow socks, however, you'll quickly cheer yourself up--and a bright smile on your face will help you be more excited about all the fun that awaits. 

dog in fuzzy blanket in sock of the month

Zermatt, Switzerland: Thick, Fuzzy Socks

In Zermatt, you'll find some of the best skiing in Switzerland. This resort town is ready for you to explore in your favorite pair of thick, fuzzy socks. You'll need that extra layer of warmth whether you're hitting the slopes or curling up by the fire at the resort with a fantastic book. 

red bricks in sock of the month

The Grand Canyon: Brick Red 

You're off to the Grand Canyon for an adventure--and you're taking your brick red socks with you. These socks won't just show that you're ready for whatever your day might bring. They'll also blend in with the mud you're likely to pick up along your journey, making them perfect for sock selfies as you explore. 

Greek salad

Athens: White and Gold

As you explore Athens, you'll see many historic and iconic sights--and your best pair of white socks with gold accents will help enhance the experience and make you feel as lofty as the gods and goddesses pictured throughout the iconic city. 

Matching your socks to your travels is a fun way to get a little extra fun out of your experience. If you have travel in your plans this year, make sure you're choosing the right pair of socks to make your adventure even more exciting.