9 Ridiculous Ways to Spoil Your Dog with Your Tax Refund

9 Ridiculous Ways to Spoil Your Dog with Your Tax Refund

Great news for your little Fluffy La-Rue; tax season is coming to an end! Watch the mail for a check with your tax refund (and for your sock of the month), so that you and Meatball can go HAAM online or in a local pet boutique! Here are 9 ways to show Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (if your dogs have the same names as Steven Taylor's dogs) just how much you love them.


1. Regent Heated Pet Bed

Have you ever asked your dog if their little fleece-lined sweater really keeps them warm? I bet you haven’t, because if you did they would probably bark “NO!” (after all they have four legs and a tail that aren’t covered). Treat your best friend to a radiant heat paneled bed fit for a king, they’ll be delighted with the gesture. Available here=

2. PAWZ Dog Boots

If it’s raining outside you wear rain boots, so it only makes sense that you do the same for your dog. However, rather than buying just one (very expensive) pair, PAWZ gives you 12 (very reasonably priced) pairs of reusable, disposable and waterproof dog boots that come in a variety of colors. Available here  

3. The Petote Rio Bag

Why walk your dog, when you could roll them in fabulously quilted dog luggage? This chic and modern dream bag has multiple functions including roller bag, backpack, and even a car seat! You won’t be able to get enough of all the new ways to parade your pooch around town. Available here  

4. Ebano Intreccio Scolpito Leash

Forget about a pink bedazzled collar, your dog also wants a little designer action in their lives. Bottega Veneta’s stylish canvas and leather leash will leave your dog feeling like the true equal you tell them they are. Available here  

5. Dog Style Lusekofte Onesie Navy/White

Get with the fashions! Onesies are all the rage with humans, so why not keep your dog current with this insanely cute dog onesie by ONEPIECE. The best part about it is you and your dog can wear matching outfits wherever you go. Available here  

6. Woolly Mammoth Dog Costume

Are you partial to the palo diet? If so, this is an excellent way to involve your best friend as you attempt to fit into the Paleolithic Period. While you refrain from carbs and sugar, they too can suffer, in this adorable two-piece woolly mammoth costume. Available here  

7. Comfort Zone Dog Spray with D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

If you’re not sending Fido to therapy, it’s in your best interest to buy them something that keeps them stress free. Prevent the anxiety caused by the vet, travel, thunder, and fireworks with a couple spritzes of Comfort Zone Dog Spray—it smells like dog pheromones! Available here  


8. Electric Jaguar Martini Bowtie Collar

Even though you’re dog isn’t a cat, this leopard print bow tie collar is sure to give them a fierce edge and a hint (yeah, only if your blind!) of sparkle at their next high-profile event. What let them fit in when they were born to stand out? Available here  

9. Sydney Party Dress

If you don’t think your dog is cute enough to look this cute, think again because you should think nicer things about your dog! This adorable yellow party dress complete with rosette bows, rhinestones, ruffles and a layered tulle skirt is sure make Fluffy the talk of the town. Available here