Fathers Day Sock Subscription

Socks: The Father's Day Gift Dad Actually Wants

Father's Day is around the corner, so stop looking for the perfect gift, we've already found it. "WHAT?!" you say. It's true! We've spent years testing different gizmos, gadgets, sweat pants, sweaters, and restaurant vouchers on dad, and after creating some very colorful pie graphs—some of which have nothing to do with anything‚ we've determined that none of these gifts are the correct answer to father's day. (See for yourself below).   Our fathers day sock subscription is the best possible gift to give your dad. 

fathers day gift

fathers day socks

 fathers day


This year sign pops up for a gift he really wants, a super fun sock of the month club, guaranteed* to put a smile on his face.  The process is easy. Just got to Say it with a Sock and follow the simple instructions. Decide if you want to send him one or two pairs of socks a month, choose if you want to send him a three, six, or twelve month subscription, fill out all necessary personal shipping/billing information, and type out a nice message (we'll handwrite it on a cute custom card). Then sit back, relax, and wait for your dad to tell you you're his favorite child (unless your sibling is also a genius and decides to sign dad up for the best sock of the month club). It's that easy.

Remember, if you choose to send dad a six or twelve month subscription, we'll send you a pair of socks on us, as a free gift. How cool is that? You get a gift for being nice enough to give your father a gift! There has never been a truer definition of "winning".

Go ahead and be a winner. Get dad a sock subscription for father's day. He'll remember how wonderful you are even month's after the holiday is over.


*We can't actually guarantee that you will see your father smile, because we don't know your father personally. If he's the kind of guy who has a huge mustache that covers his mouth, we take no responsibility for the fact that you can't see his pearly whites. If he's a doctor, dentist, or surgeon and wears a doctors mask when he open's his sock of the month club surprise, it's not our fault that you won't be able to see his grin. Additionally, if your father has RBF, we make no promises there either.