Our Favorite Donut Socks

May 25, 2015

Our Favorite Donut Socks

HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY everyone! In honor of this spectacular holiday that actually only takes place once a year, we have decided to share some of our favorite pairs of donut socks with you. Considering that donuts have become quite trendy over the past few years, there was a lot of narrowing down we had to do until we could get to our favorite pairs.

Before we give you the list, we figured we’d give you a short history about National Donut Day. Contrary to popular belief national donut day is not really a celebration about beautiful and delicious sugary covered confections. In fact, it is actually a holiday started by the Salvation Army in the 1930s made to praise and honor the men and women who used to serve donuts to soldiers during World War I. OK we’re glad that you now know this.

So without any further ado, here is our final list of the best pairs of donut socks.

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