If Oprah Had a Guide to Girls Socks, Here's What It Would Be

If Oprah Had a Guide to Girls Socks, Here's What It Would Be

If Oprah had a guide to girls socks, here's what it would be, or rather here's how it would go down if she was presenting it live on one of her shows: “You get a pair of socks! YOU get a pair of socks! EVERYONE gets socks!” [The crowd goes wild! People are literally jumping, shrieking, crying, and shaking with excitement. One guy even pulls a chunk of his hair out he's so overcome with emotion].

Oprah stands in front of a stage display featuring a plethora of different fun socks as she starts to present her list of top ten must-have socks for girls, better known by it's official title, 'If Oprah had a guide to girls socks, here's what it would be.'

"You people are so lucky you don't even know it! Let's begin with your giveaways:"

Number 1

"Knee Highs—We're starting out with buttery soft, warm knee high socks. Knee high's come in an assortment of soft pastels and bright neons sure to keep your leg's warm and stylish during those cold winters."

Number 2

"Bold Patterns—Next we'll move on to big, bright, and bold patterned socks. These socks are anything but subtle with stripes, polka dots, zig zags, color blocking and combinations of the like. You'll be sure to stand out in a crowd when wearing these bad boys."

Number 3

"Toe Socks—When I was a kid we wore these crazy glove-for-your-feet socks and everyone went wild for them. It's your lucky day because today you get to choose between tie-dye toe socks, solid color toe socks, or toe socks with different animals on each toe!"

 Number 4

"Crew Socks—These socks are ideal for any girl on the go who likes to show a little fashion sense. Crew socks come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles and are perfect for any girl who likes to run track or just errands. Crew socks won't slip down into your shoes, and they'll definitely give you a little pep in your step."

 Number 5

"Footie Socks—Bright neon colored and patterned footie socks look great with everything. You can get them in multi-packs and even mismatch them if you want to. No matter how you wear them you can't go wrong because each multipack is designed with colors and styles to coordinate. These socks are definitely a favorite for your teenage daughter."

Number 6

"Fuzzy Socks—These are basically the greatest things to be invented since sliced bread! Fuzzy socks come in every color you can imagine and even a variety of fun patterns and prints. They're always available in seasonal designs such as Christmas snowflakes, Valentine's Day sweethearts and even Halloween candy corns. Don't miss out on these dreamy socks."

Number 7

"Polka Dot Socks—Every girl needs a classic pair of polka dot socks in her drawer. With a variety of polka dot sizes, colors, and orientations to choose from, each girl should be able to find a pair of polka dot socks unique to her own style, to call her forever staple."

 Number 8

"Ruffle Socks—There's a song that's called "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and when girls wear ruffle socks, they can do just that. These fun, flirty embellishments often made out of lace, or other fun fabrics add the perfect touch of splash to any outfit." 

 Number 9

"Spandex Socks—Every girl needs a pair of modern stocking-like socks that stay up on her foot, but look as cool and as trendy as any other pair of footwear. These socks are usually made of a thicker material to keep those legs warm and go well-up over knee highs. They're the perfect accessory to spice up a boring old outfit."

 Number 10

"Seasonal Theme Socks—With so many fun sock designs themed around the holidays, it's not difficult to find the perfect pair of socks to make sure you're always dressed the part. Easter bunnies on socks? Yes, please! Jack-O-Lanterns? Of course! Shamrocks? Aye indeed, lassie! Champagne glasses? Cheers!

And there you have it ladies and gents, the top ten must have socks for girls by Oprah, if Oprah had a guide to girls socks.