Mustache Socks to Celebrate

Mustache Socks to Celebrate

There are two kinds of people on November 1st: those who cling dearly to their buckets of Halloween candy and try to make fall last, and those who immediately bust out the Christmas decorations and embrace the upcoming holiday season. Whichever person you identify with more, it’s officially November—or, if you’re growing out your mustache, it’s officially Movember.

This month, we’re sending our subscribers mustache socks in honor of Movember. Whether you’re growing out your facial hair or are simply a mustache admirer, these socks are for you. In addition to bringing a smile to your face, during November especially, they remind us to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Bet you didn’t think a pair of socks could do that, did you?

In addition to appreciating mustaches, ready or not, the holiday season is officially upon us. Even though we’re still snacking on Halloween candy and cleaning up decorative cobwebs, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it. It’s time to plan your Thanksgiving menu, draw hand turkeys, and take time to reflect on what you’re thankful for. And before you know it, it’ll be time to deck the halls, trim the Christmas tree, and fight the crowds at the mall during holiday shopping.



Speaking of Christmas shopping, here’s an idea: Skip the hassle this year and give everyone in your life a sock of the month club subscription to Say it With a Sock. We have men’s sock subscriptions, women’s sock subscriptions, and kid’s sock subscriptions, and send out the most stylish, most fun pairs of socks you can find anywhere. They’re guaranteed to love the gift of a sock surprise every month.



It’s also almost time to break out your favorite pairs of Christmas socks. Santa socks, reindeer socks, snowman socks, penguins wearing Santa hat socks—you name it, our sock drawers have ‘em. And don’t worry—if you’re subscribed to Say it With a Sock, you’ll get a new pair of Christmas socks to add to your growing collection come December.



But how soon is too soon to wear Christmas socks, you ask? We think Christmas socks are like Christmas music: The moment you’ve swallowed your last bite of pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving dinner ends, it’s officially the Christmas season, and all holiday decorations, music, and themed clothing are fair game. But honestly? If you want to start wearing Christmas socks now, we’re not going to stop you. Life is too short not to wear your favorite socks!