Meet Lord Sandwich, The Dog Who Donates Socks To People In Need

Meet Lord Sandwich, The Dog Who Donates Socks To People In Need

Lord Sandwich is a handsome Goldendoodle who lives in Northern California, and has a serious passion for socks. He lives on a winery with his humans Alison and Eric, and together they run a non-profit called Socks for Sandwich. Yes, you heard this correctly. There is a dog named Lord Sandwich who runs a charity called Socks for Sandwich. We're pretty sure it doesn't get more awesome than that! In 2014 Alison and Eric started an Instagram account for Lord Sandwich where they posted photos of their awesome dog doing awesome things. As Lord Sandwich's following continued to grow, his humans realized that their dog's loving spirit and generous heart made people really happy. Inspired by the joy Lord Sandwich brought to his fans, Alison decided she too wanted to bring joy to others. Thus she decided to create Socks for Sandwich; a charity that sends newly donated socks to people in need.

Socks For Sandwich

Participating in this feel good fun is really easy for anyone to do. Simply take a photo of your dog with socks and hashtag it #SocksForSandwich on Instagram. For every photo submission entered with that hashtag, Socks for Sandwich will donate a new pair of socks to humans in need.

Other Ways To Help #SocksForSandwich

If you don't have a dog to put socks on and take photos of there are other ways to help Socks for Sandwich. You can collect new socks from people in your community and send them to Lord Sandwich on his winery.

A big shout out today to Emma from Dallas! She collected NEW #socksforsandwich for her soccer community service project! Emma these new socks are going to less fortunate kids in San Rafael, California. Thank You so much and keep up the #pawsome work. Speaking of work, I'll be adding a "For Kids" page on my website shortly that will help others lead a #socksforsandwichdrive anywhere! Link in my profile... #givingisfun #communityservice #goldendoodle

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Or you can purchase a bottle of Lord Sandwich Red Table Wine for $22 or a case for $264. *Remember to use the promo code "socks" when you checkout. [caption id="attachment_3136" align="alignnone" width="300"]Say it with a Sock Lord Sandwich Lord Sandwich Red Table Wine. Photo Cred:[/caption]
Together, Lord Sandwich, his humans, and his almost sixty thousand Instagram fans have helped make a difference. They've donated socks to displaced families throughout America and have helped bring joy to others.    
*Remember to use the promo code "socks" when you checkout.

aww yeah! dropping of #socksforsandwich donations to #TAYprogram in San Rafael today! #givingisfun ❤️

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