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This year, Say it with a Sock is taking you on a trip around the world with socks. Every month, we’ll be sending our men’s sock of the month club and women’s sock of the month club subscribers a brand-new pair inspired by some of our favorite countries around the world. Last month, we traveled south of the equator to Brazil with some soccer socks that are serious #goals. This month, we’re heading from South America to Central America and spending some time in Mexico. So say “hola” to these Mex-cellent taco socks that absolutely guac our world.

We love every kind of taco under the sun: carne asada, carnitas, chorizo, barbacoa, al pastor...the list goes on. And on top of every single one, we add guacamole. Yes, we know guac is extra. But so are we, so it’s a match made in heaven. Avocados have been having their moment in the culinary world for a few years now. Their popularity is showing no signs of slowing down; Mexico exported 1.73 billion pounds of avocados to America in 2017. (That’s a lot of avocado toast.) But the green fruit of the gods has been around for quite a long time. Avocados originated in Mexico 10,000 years ago. Fun fact: Caesar salad was also invented in Mexico. But most people tend to focus on avocados.

We know what you’re thinking: These taco socks are the perfect thing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo next year. You’re definitely right; they’ll be the hit of the party, after the delicious queso and perfect guac. But did you know that in Mexico, they don’t actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Instead, they celebrate Independence Day on September 16th. It sounds like another perfect occasion to wear your new taco socks to us—not that you need one. If you ask us, every day is the perfect day to wear taco socks.

What’s better than a taco party? A taco party with a friend. Get your guac on together! Share the sock love and invite a friend to join the Say it with a Sock sock of the month club so you can take this sock journey around the world together. If your feet are feeling photogenic, say “queso,” take a pic, and tag #sayitwithasock on Instagram to be featured on our page. See you next month for our next trip. And until then: Guac on!

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