Fire up the Grill and Step into These BBQ Socks

Fire up the Grill and Step into These BBQ Socks

May Is National Barbecue Month, and These BBQ Socks Will Help You Dress the Part

We’re pleased to report that it’s officially barbeque season. Literally: May is National Barbecue Month. Now that the warm, sunny weather has arrived, there are plenty of occasions to fire up the grill. You can grill up some corn and tortillas on Cinco de Mayo, throw a backyard bash in honor of Mom on Mother’s Day, and gather friends and family for burgers and hot dogs over Memorial Day weekend. Or, throw a “just because” barbecue. You definitely don’t need a reason to enjoy good food and great company.


Summer Socks


As ever, it’s our mission to help you look your best. That’s why we selected the stylish Summer BBQ socks for your Say it with a Sock May subscription box. You can wear them to a barbecue or wear them on days you wish you were going to a barbecue. So, basically, every day of the week.

These socks are bursting with personality. From the moment you put them on, you’ll be in the mood to mix, mingle, and eat. The Summer BBQ socks feature all of the necessary components that make barbecues so special. There’s a giant smiling sun, a quirky hot dog, and a rather sassy burger that may or may not be sticking its tongue out. Then, there are the essential cookout condiments: ketchup and mustard. There’s a lettuce leaf, because we like a good crunch with our burgers. And finally, there’s the utensil that makes a great barbecue possible: a sparkling spatula. Gather those seven ingredients and you’ll have yourself a party, both on your feet and in the real world.

May is also National Hamburger Month. Interestingly, it’s also National Salad Month, and we’ll leave it up to you how you want to celebrate that one. But if you top your burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion, we firmly believe that counts as eating a salad. Just our two cents.

Thanks to the Summer BBQ socks, you’ll be the best-dressed person at every barbecue. Happy grilling! Save us a hot dog?