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Drinking Games and Socks

August 16, 2016

Drinking Games and Socks

“Drinking games and socks?”—you say—“ that can’t really be a thing.” And until quite recently, this probably wasn’t a thing. However, for no reason other than because we made it a thing, drinking games involving socks are now a popular activity we partake in on the regular. The game is simple; to play you simply need access to a TV (or if you don’t have this, you’ll need access to a somewhat densely populated place with prime views for people watching), and the alcohol of your choice. —Since my boyfriend Daniel are no longer in college and haven’t been for a while (as is evident by our lack of ability to “keep up”) we’ve been playing with shots of wine. But for those of you who can “still hang” we’d recommend a tasty tequila. Rules of the game: If you spot someone wearing fun socks and call it out before the other person, they have to take a shot. If they spot a person wearing fun socks first, then you have to take a shot. Simple. However, if you spot someone wearing boring old white socks before the other person does, then you both have to drink (to make up for the misfortunes of the person wearing white socks). If you really want to be feisty you can agree that you both have to take a shot, but the person who didn’t spot the white socks has to take two shots. The objective of the game is to make people socially aware of the fact the wearing fun socks is great for you, and less of a punishment for other people around you. You might say this game is unconventional and possibly even bizarre. But we promise you it’s quite entertaining especially when you play IRL (in real life) from a people watching perspective. Some of our favorite places to people watch and play sock drinking games are:
  •      Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo, Japan
  •      Times Square in New York City, New York
  •      Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California
  •      Dolores Park in San Francisco, California
  •      PMQ in Hong Kong, China
If you have any great sock drinking games you ‘d like to recommend, please share them with us! We are always looking to find more fun ways for people to share their socks.

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