9 Celebrities Who Look Hotter in Knee Socks

9 Celebrities Who Look Hotter in Knee Socks

Over the last few decades, knee sock fashion has pretty much been perceived as part of Catholic school children's uniform. While many people would prefer for knee socks to remain as just that,  modern day fashion has proved that knee socks are not only normal and appropriate for everyday wear, but  also considered to be sexy, warm and chic.

As the temperature starts to drop outside, many fashion stylists and celebrities are starting to layer up with knee socks. Not only do these help you stay warm but they also make you look hotter by allowing you to show off your shapely legs without showing too much skin!  Just take a look at our list of 7 celebrities who look hotter in knee socks and you will want to take a leaf from their style book! Although we don't usually send knee socks to our women's sock subscription members, we still love them


1. Dove Cameron 

Cute cropped sweater, retro shoes and a skirt that ends mid-thigh – these make a good combination if you are going for the school-girl vibe. Dove’s look here is rebellious and sexy at the same time and she definitely looks hotter in knee socks.

2. Taylor Swift. 

Yet another sweet schoolgirl look that we approve of. Tay Tay looks absolutely hot and drop-dead gorgeous in this ensemble: vintage black bag, blue button down, tan scalloped shorts, and a maroon hat to match her maroon knee socks. Swifties are definitely going to adopt this cute look that is perfect for a day outing or a romantic date!

3. Cara Delevingne

 We're not sure how Cara feels about knee socks, but we are sure that when she wears them she looks amazing! In this photo, Cara wears knee socks with short denim shorts, a long t, a leather jacket and black sneakers. The knee socks make Cara's long legs look even better than they already do (if that's even possible) because sometimes showing less is even sexier. By pairing denim shorts, and a leather jacket with knee socks, you're sure to keep your legs warm and your outfit hot!

4. Ariana Grande

It is impossible to speak about knee socks and not mention pop singing sensation Ariana Grande because these are literally her signature style, next to two-piece outfits and high ponytail of course! Ariana definitely looks hotter with knee socks paired with her signature stiletto heels, crop top and super short skirts. If you want to look spunky and dressy without baring your legs too much then you should adopt Ariana’s style, like other Arianators out there. 

5. Vanessa Hudgens

 Old is gold, although this picture may be an old one but the style is relevant even today. A body-hugging grey dress, black blazer with rolled up sleeves and black knee socks – everything seems to come together so well for this night out look that Vanessa chose to sport. This is definitely a look that you can try out this holiday season and make heads turn!

6. Troian Bellisario

 Knee-high boots and knee socks – this is a classic combination that goes to show that it is possible to look modest and sexy at the same time. Just take a look at Troian’s picture here. Not only does she exude classiness all the way but she also looks way hotter with her cute maroon knee socks!

7. Lea Michele

The Glee and Scream Queens is known for her classy and effortless style. Seen here wearing knee high socks with boots, Lea looks effortlessly gorgeous. Just like Ariana, Lea pairs up her knee socks with a short mini skirt in houndstooth pattern and a top in an alternate pattern. On the whole, Lea’s ensemble definitely screams hot’ and classy despite the clashing patterns!

8. Jessica Simpson

 Knee socks aren’t just meant for night outs and day-time looks, they can also be worn with gym outfits! Just take a cue from the sensational Jessica Simpson here. She rocks the retro knee sock trend with a plain white tee and gym shorts. You can also wear your knee socks in this manner to the gym for a foolproof smoking hot’ look!

9. Madison Beer

Similar to Jessica, Madison wears her knee socks like an attractive athlete wears knee socks, except Madison isn't about to go work out. Madison pairs her knee socks with a Ralph Lauren polo, a white pleated tennis skirt and high heeled sneakers. The looks is classic, yet fresh and young.  

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