Our Sharpest Socks Yet

Our Sharpest Socks Yet

We hope you survived April Fool’s Day and didn’t get too tricked by any goofy pranks and hijinks. In addition to April Fool’s Day, there’s another fun holiday in April that you might not know about, but definitely should. Every year on the first Friday in April, we celebrate National Walk to Work Day. Yes, that’s actually a real holiday. And yes, you should definitely participate. This year, National Walk to Work Day falls on April 5th.

Cacti Socks


While it may not be possible for you to walk to work, you can still honor the spirit of the holiday by wearing a smart new pair of socks. The pair in your Say it with a Sock April subscription box has one of our sharpest—not literally, but sort of—designs yet. Introducing the bright, bold cactus socks.

Even if you can’t walk all the way to work on National Walk to Work Day, you can still put your best foot forward with these cactus socks that are straight out of the wild west. The rusty orange and jade green color palette will suit every style from contemporary casual to cowboy-chic. We can even picture the busiest of businessmen wearing them in the boardroom.


Too Fly for a Cacti


Every day is a great day to wear cactus socks. But if you’re looking for another extra special occasion to don them, April is the month that keeps on giving. For starters, Earth Day, a day filled with events supporting environmental protection, is on April 22nd. It’s a great day to wear your cactus socks and show our planet some extra love. Make sure you get them in the wash quickly, because shortly after that is Arbor Day, a holiday dedicated to planting trees, on April 26th. While cacti are technically plants and not trees, it’s really the thought that counts. Maybe just don’t try to climb a cactus, because that would hurt.




If you were looking for a sign that you need to wear more plant socks, this is it. The universe wants you to show your love of greenery, and you can start with a pair of cactus socks.