Some People Excel At Halloween Socks And Some Don't - Which One Are You?

Some People Excel At Halloween Socks And Some Don't - Which One Are You?

Some People Excel At Halloween Socks And Some Don't - Which One Are You?

Halloween is fast approaching and we're here to give you all the do's and dont's on how to wear Halloween socks. Unlike some of our other posts about socks specific to Halloween—e.g. Ghost Socks, Pumpkin Socks, Candy Corn Socks, Dracula Socks, Witch Socks, Skull Socks, etc.—this post discusses Halloween costumes that involve socks. We would suggest spending your money on our fun sock club but you an always buy a cool halloween costume in addition to your fun sock subscription. We'll be posting some of the most popular costumes that involve socks, and give you the do's and don'ts for each one. 

Sock Monkey Halloween Costume


DO: Wear socks with your costume if you plan to dress up as a sock monkey. This one is just plain obvious.

DON'T: Wear socks that don't mimic the other parts of your costume. If you look at this Halloween costume, the trim on the sleeves matches the trim on the top of the socks.

nerd with socks

 Homemade Nerd Costume with Socks. Photo by:

DO: Wear socks with your Halloween costume if you plan like dressing like a nerd. We might even recommend wearing high-water pants with some really faded, ugly looking "Dad socks" to complete the look.

DON'T: Wear cool athletic socks like the one's shown in the picture. Perhaps try a pair of slightly mismatched socks (both in color and in height). Nerds aren't trying to look cute, fashion just isn't something on their radar. Use your socks to make your Halloween costume authentic.


 Sock Hop Costume with Socks

Sock Hop Costume with Socks. Photo by:

DO: Wear white cuffed socks or white lacy socks if you plan on dressing up as a 50's sock hop girl in a poodle skirt. Cute white socks and saddle shoes are pretty stand out 50's costume attire.

DON'T: Wear knee high socks. You might think they make the costume look sexier, but knee high socks don't work with this Halloween costume, because this isn't a sexy costume to begin with. 


Lederhosen Halloween Costume with Socks

Lederhosen Costume with Socks. Photo by:

DO: Wear knee high white socks with your Lederhosen costume for Halloween whether you're a male or a female. Knee high's give real authenticity to this look and definitely don't make you look sexy if you're a guy (in case you're worried).

DON'T: Wear socks with leprechauns on them instead of a fresh white pair of knee highs. People get quite offended when you confuse the Irish with the Germans—both like beer, but that's not enough to justify the confusion. 


Pinocchio Costume with Socks

 Pinocchio Costume with Socks. Photo by:

DO: Wear plain white tube socks that go up to your knees with your Pinocchio costume.

DON'T: Dress up as Pinocchio in the first place if you're over the age of 12. If you'd like to wear a pair of knee high white socks, please see the Lederhosen costume above. 


Michael Jackson Sparkle Socks


 Michael Jackson Sparkle Socks. Photo by:

DO: Wear wear socks with sequins and sparkle if your costume is Michael Jackson. Bonus points if your sparkly socks match your sparkly glove.

DON'T: Abuse the use of sparkle socks and put rhinestones them. This would be offensive. 


Static Cling Sock Costume

 Static Cling Sock Costume. Photo by:

DO: Incorporate your socks into a creative costume, like this one depicting static cling. Bonus Points: The more colorful and more fun socks you wear, the better.

DON'T: Use this as an opportunity to show people how yellow your gym socks are. Just because you're making a costume doesn't mean you need to air your dirty laundry in public (literally).


Clown Costume with Socks

Clown Costume with Socks. Photo by:

DO: Use your bazaar choice of costume to show off a colorful and creative pair of toe socks!

DON'T: Wear open toe shoes with socks sticking out if you plan on walking on grass. There is nothing worse than walking around in wet socks!


super hero socks

 Superhero Costumes with Socks

DO: Use your socks to up your super hero costume status. Perhaps match your socks with your top and wear your fiercest pair of black stretchy pants.

DON'T: Just wear a black outfit with super hero socks a your costume. As cool as superhero socks are, they don't justify a costume on their own.


Giant Sock Costume

Giant Sock Costume. Photo by:

DO: Dress up as a sock for Halloween! This could possibly be one of the most underrated costume out there! A+ for Halloween sock costume creativity!

DON'T: Wear pants under your sock costume. No one tucks pants into their socks. Dare to go bare!   There you have it. A run down of the do's and don'ts of Halloween costumes with socks. We hope you enjoyed! If you can think of any costumes with socks that we forgot to incorporate here, please let us know!