9 reasons to freak out about fuzzy socks

9 reasons to freak out about fuzzy socks

Winter is coming! People of the world rejoice because you know what this means.... It's fuzzy socks and sweater season! For those of you who aren't familiar with fuzzy socks and sweater season, it's a time of year that falls on October 1st and lasts until about the end of March.

It's a time where we embrace the fact that it's cold outside, and make an effort to keep our tops and toes warm in the best way—with fabulous fuzzy socks and soft chunky sweaters. After all, if it's gonna be cold out, you may as well decorate yourself in the fuzziest and comfiest ways possible.

If you're not someone whose started to look toward to fuzzy socks and sweater season, we want to show you some of the hype and enthusiasm that surrounds it and then help fulfill your fuzzy sock dreams.


1. Shopping for winter is easy, effortless, and fun


2. Conversation points are not hard to come by

3. Life during this season involves the following

4. Getting dressed for class is a no brainer


5. You'll be uber confident in you're style choices

6. Find the key to someone's heart

7. Discover the answer to unconditional love

8. Understand the truth behind happiness

9. Become a good judge of character


Well, there you have it. Nine serious reasons to freak out about fuzzy socks and sweater season. To buy yourself some fuzzy socks, simply click on the links below!