19 Places You Need to Sock Selfie

19 Places You Need to Sock Selfie

Your socks are one of the most fun parts of your outfit, but they often don't get nearly the recognition they deserve! Whether you're headed to a fun location this year and want to be sure that your socks are included in your pictures or you're simply looking for a few more fun sock selfies to round out your Instagram profile, check out some of these 19 perfect places for sock selfies. 


1. At the Beach

It's the first night you arrived at the beach, and you aren't wearing sandals yet--but you have to run down and check out the sand and surf anyway. While you're down there, take a fun sock selfie: step into tree pose with one foot firmly planted in the sand and one sock on the beach, then snap away!


2. On Your Couch

You're all curled up for a night in: you have your favorite fuzzy blanket, a great book or movie, your favorite snacks--and a great pair of socks! Pull your knees up, poke your toes out from under the blankets, and take a fun sock selfie before you settle in for your quiet night. 


3. At the Zoo

Head out to the zoo with your favorite animal-themed socks. Now, find the animal reflected on your socks. Ready to draw some smiles? Extend your leg out in front of you, propping it on a rail or fence. Make sure to get your new critter friend in the picture, too!


4. At the Aquarium

The zoo is fun enough, but heading off to the aquarium brings plenty of new opportunities for fun sock selfies. Slip off your shoes, put your toes up next to the glass, and get a fun sock selfie as you wiggle your toes at the fish. Luckily, the glass is in the way, so you won't be mistaken for a worm!

 filming a movie for sock club

5. At the Movies

Are you headed out to see a new movie at the theater? Do your socks happen to match the theme? Prop your feet up on the seat in front of you or on a convenient rail and snap away. Just make sure not to take this particular sock selfie in the middle of the feature!


6. On the Seas

Heading out on a boat, either on the ocean or at a lake or river? It's another perfect chance for a sock selfie! Put your feet up, making sure to catch plenty of water in the picture, and take a fun sock selfie!

hay bails for sock club 

7. On a Hayride

There's nothing quite like a hayride for kicking back and relaxing with your friends--and taking a few fun pictures. Bury your feet in the hay, then let them peek out just a little. Bonus points if you're able to get your friends in the shot, too!

 parents and kids feet in sock subscription

8. Sleeping In Together

When you're having a sleepover with your closest friends, there's nothing more fun than a little selfie action. Stand in a circle with your feet pointing toward one another in your favorite socks, point the camera down, and snap! You have a fun new memory of your night in with your friends.

 camping selfie for sock of the month club

9. At the Campground

Even on the warmest summer night, you want to bundle up a little when you're out camping. Stretch out on top of your sleeping bag, then wiggle your toes in your favorite socks. Take a fast picture--you can always share it when you're back in range of your WiFi. 

 heart hands for sock subscription

10. Out with that Special Someone

You're pretty sure you and your special someone have taken every selfie known to man together, especially where it relates to the attractions in your area--but have you taken a sock selfie? Take a quick snap of your toes pointing in toward each other--or even better, stand with one of you behind the other, your feet tucked around each other. 

 swinging for sock club

11. Swinging

Are you swinging high through the air, enjoying that feeling of being just like a kid again? Stretch your toes a little further, balance carefully, and take a fun sock selfie with your toes stretching toward the sky. Disclaimer: this should only be attempted by those who can balance a camera or phone and swing without falling!

hammock selfie 

12. On Your Hammock

There's nothing more relaxing than swaying in the breeze on your favorite hammock--unless it's doing it while wearing your favorite socks. Prop your feet up, cross your ankles, and show off that perfect relaxing day. 

 changing room for sock club monthly

13. In a Changing Room

You've been hunting all day for the perfect outfit. Clothes might be failing you, but your trusty socks never will! Let your socks peek out from beneath the hem of a new pair of jeans or stand there in socks alone as you declare your battle done once and for all. 

 barre class for sock subscription

14. At the Barre

Whether you take ballet class or indulge in a barre workout session on a regular basis, it's one of your favorite places--and before the warm-up begins, your socks go along with you. Extend one foot out in front of you on the barre, then take a fun picture as you stretch out over your leg. 

 tree climbing for monthly sock club

15. Under the Tree

The Christmas light are glowing, presents surround the tree, and--what's this? A new pair of Christmas socks? Poke your toes under the Christmas tree in your new favorite socks and take a sock selfie that shows off the lights, too. 

 woman jogging with socks in sock of the month club

16. Before You Race

You're headed for the finish line--but first, you want to show off the outfit you chose for race day. Prop up on your toes on one foot, plant the other one flat, and show off your socks in front of the backdrop for your race.

 balcony socks

17. On Your Balcony

Hanging out on your balcony, looking over at a great view? Bend your knees a little, prop both feet up on the railing, and take a fantastic picture of your view that shows off your socks, too. 

lady in pool sock club

18. At the Pool

When you have a fun pair of mermaid socks that you just can't wait to show off, slide down beside the pool, slip on your socks, and position your feet like fins. It's time to swim!

man and woman for sock of the month club

19. At the Park

Hanging out on a picnic blanket at your favorite park? Pull of your shoes, prop your feet on your blanket, and take a fun sock selfie with your gathered friends. 

Sock selfies are a break from the norm and a fun way to show off your favorite socks. How will you sock selfie today?