11 Best Thanksgiving Socks

November 08, 2017

11 Best Thanksgiving Socks

HAPPY THANKSGIVING—America (and Canada's) national holiday focused on family and gluttonous overeating has finally arrived! It's about that time of year where it really starts to feel like the holidays are here. Get excited to spend the next few days surrounded by family and friends, food and beverages, TV's and couches, Thanksgiving socks (we'll get to this shortly), and obviously a lot more food. But you probably already knew all of this.

As a super exciting sock of the month club, we feel it is our national duty to educate you on all of your options to win the best Thanksgiving socks award. "The best thanksgiving socks award?"—you ask—"I've never heard of such a thing." Not to worry, this is what our sock subscription service is all about, informing you about all the best types of contests and then teaching you how to win them.  So even if the best thanksgiving socks award doesn't yet exist in your family, just realize that we're giving you a leg up in your family's future annual competition. (We know it's preemptive, but you're welcome.)

So, this Thanksgiving, we want you to stand out from the bunch, and shine a little brighter after you participate in the Superbowl of all meals. This year we want you to put a little more thought into your outfit—we want you to expand your festive attire options beyond you autumn color palette sweaters and your most socially appropriate pair of waistless stretch pants. This year we want to educate you on socks, so that you show up to your Thanksgiving feast in the best, most festively appropriate Thanksgiving Socks. Check out the list below to find the pair of fun Thanksgiving socks that will make you a shoe-in to win the best Thanksgiving socks award.

For those of you wishing you could get a different pair of fun Thanksgiving-themed socks delivered to your door every month—in order to go undefeated in the best Thanksgiving socks competition for years to come—we're sorry to say that this unique type of sock subscription doesn't exist. However, Say it with Sock is an awesome sock of the month club that will deliver fun socks to your door every month giving you one of the most colorful and eclectic sock collections out there.


***Disclaimer: We're a sock of the month club devoted to the brightest, best, most outlandish, super fantastic socks on the market and believe that sock designs can and should be as out of the box as you'll let them. All of the socks on our best Thanksgiving socks list stay true to the autumn season color palette (shades or brown, orange, green, grey, and black).  While you should get whatever socks look best on your feet, we believe in the motto the bolder the better!

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