10 Fun Facts about Coffee

10 Fun Facts about Coffee

HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE—to all of you coffee addicts out there! For those of you looking for a few recommendations on places to get free coffee, well... you're out of luck as we haven't kept track of every coffee shop, cafe and corner store giving out their numbered cups of joe. However, we do have 10 fun facts about coffee to share with you on this amazing, but not very well recognized national holiday. This isn't really related to our sock subscription but we still wanted to share this wealth of knowledge with you! 

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#1: Coffee is the runner up for the earth's most traded commodity (aka it's the second most traded)

There are approximately twenty five million coffee farmers in over fifty countries. — Oh and incase you were wondering, oil is the number one most traded commodity.

#2: Coffee was originally a food

Coffee beans were combined with fat to make a type of "energetic fat-ball" snack. We're so glad it turned into a beverage.

#3 Coffee is a fruit

Now when people tell you to eat your fruits and veggies you can tell them you'll be fine with a good 'ol cuppa joe. Oh, and incase you were wondering coffee is actually a seed or a pit, but the "seeds" resemble beans, so we call them coffee beans.

4: You can OD on coffee

Who would'a thought this to be possible? Apparently, overdosing on coffee is only possible if you drink over 100 cups (we're not quite sure of the timeframe in which you'd have to drink said 100 cups, however, we're sure it's in the span of a few hours)—which would be insane.

#5: Light roast coffee has more caffeine than dark roast

This feels contradictory, but apparently when you roast the coffee beans some of the caffeine actually burns off (even though the flavor seems bolder, more intense and thus "h3er").

#6: The United States is the world's leading consumer of coffee

On average Americans drink over 400 million cups of coffee per day, which is just under 150 billion cups every year.

#7: Coffee is a fat burner

Some studies somewhere have said that drinking coffee can increase your metabolism anywhere from three to eleven percent. So, if you love coffee this could be a win win.

#8: Coffee is like a rocket ship?

By rocket ship we just mean it acts quickly, as in caffeine only takes about ten minutes to take effect on your body from the moment you take your first sip of coffee.

#9: Coffee is good for your liver

We're not sure who they is, but "they" say that you are 80% less likely to develop cirrhosis (poor liver function as a result of long-term liver damage) if you drink four cups of coffee a day.

#10: The most expensive coffee on earth is made from elephant POOP!

Yes.. it sounds absurd that the most expensive coffee comes from poop and not diamonds. But anyway, this delicacy goes by the name of Black Ivory coffee and it can run you up to $50 a cup.